CoConut drill


HK$ 79

*not suitable  for mature, hard shelled brown coconuts


CoConut drill is an elegant solution to not so uncommon problem...

Young Coconut Opening Tool - Handy Opener for Raw Coco Water Juice - Makes Straw Hole! Fresh, Thai or Hawaii!

The BEST Coconut Tool ever! Drink Fresh Raw Coconut Water with all the Health Benefits instead of Pasteurized Packaged cocowater!

Whenever you just want some fresh coconut water, this clever coconut drill might come in handy.

The CoConutDrill is a pretty simple device, you just put it up against the surface of your coconut, twist and push. And there you have it, a coconut with a straw-hole in it. Obviously this is going to beat stabbing at one with a knife, or some other random kitchen activity. If you're a coconut junkie you will enjoy this tool!

We love it! as it is easy to use - just push, twist, pour and drink!

SAFE FOR YOUR FINGERS - no more swinging a dangerous knife to get into a Young Coconut

Makes an Extra LARGE hole for any size straw - Included cleaning stick for removing husk debris - included safety cap keeps the blade safe for storage!