your kale delivered to your doorstep every week for just as low as

HKD85* per bundle !

(retail value HKD98)




Green Vitamin Kale Box Set


Green Vitamin now offers weekly delivery of our beautiful kale!

If you wish to receive a regular weekly delivery from us without having to re-order each time, simply use the button below! This makes your life easier - you are sure to receive your kale and it’s easier for us and our farm to plan crops in advance!

whats in the weekly kale box:

CURLY KALE 4 bundles (2xca300g)


4 bundles (2xca300g)

DINO KALE 4 bundles (2xca300g)


4 bundles (2xca300g)

why choose GVKB?



When you get your weekly kale box delivered from Green Vitamin, you’ll have an  fresh kale at your fingertips ready every day. Each week, we will deliver super fresh kale selected the best from our farm. A wonderful kale varieties will be a regular fixture in your GVKB delivery. There’s a reason the most popular in our store is kale, you love it and we love it. Thankfully this vegetable is available year-round. 

By choosing GVKB, you’re buying ethically and sustainably. We only deliver vegetable that our customers want. Because you order your delivery in advance, there’s no guessing game at our end and thus there’s limited waste. By getting our local curly & dino kale delivered to your door, you’re reducing your trips to the shop. Our fresh produce travels only short distances to get to you, which means that not only do they arrive in super fresh, mint condition, you’re electing to make a positive impact on your personal carbon footprint. And did you know that you’re saving on average about an hour a week by enjoying the wonder that is home delivery and not wasting time in the shop? 
Every GVKB really is a neat, rectangular, fully recycled and recyclable box. It represents our determination in supporting our customers by sourcing great quality, fresh and healthy produce. Our farming is our family. We’ll always deliver the best and freshest produce money can buy. 

delivery conditions apply*