Silver DBG11

4998 HKD



Finish:                  Silver

Dimensions:  6.6 x 9.3 x15.7 in.

Cord Lengt:             4.5 ft.

Unit Weight:          13.4 lbs

Turning Speed:     40 RPM

Power:                  150 Watt

MotorVoltage:                100-240V

Fuse: 125V 5A - 250V 8A

Warranty:              1 Year

Others:    Time restriction 30min.

Safety:    Switch ensures that unit is only operational when properly assembled



  • Squeezing Type : 2st generation SST™

  • chamber Type : 2nd generation chamber

  • Chamber Capacities : 16.9 oz (500 ml)

  • Cap type : juice cap type


series HH

Enjoy enriched natural taste and nutrition

Hurom’s patented SST™ technology squeezes ingredients twice as slowly as some other juicers, resulting in the preservation of natural taste and nutrition.

Easily mix a wide variety of ingredients

The juice cap makes it easy to mix an assortment of ingredients with in the chamber so there is no need to stir after pouring. Users can create a variety of mixed, healthier and thicker juice using preferred ingredients , as well as soy or nut milk, baby food, and juice as a meal.


Clean and hygienic use

The Juice Cap gives you the freedon of choosing the amount of juice wanted, 
and also a drip-free pouring directly into your glass to prevent spillage. You may also use the Hopper Lid to keep the juicer dust-free and to prevent foreign substances from entering the chamber when not in use.


Hurom’s leading-edge, innovative, and patented second generation SST™

Hurom’s original innovation, SST™, slowly squeezes ingredients minimizing the cause of friction or frictional heat and helps to preserve natural taste and nutrition.


Make juice the way you want with a control lever.

Our 2nd Generation Hurom Juicer controls the discharging pressure when making juice with a new control lever, allowing customers to determine the consistency of their personal juices. Users can choose juice with more or less pulp depending on their preferences.


Clean and hygienic use.

The Juice Cap gives you the freedon of choosing the amount of juice wanted, 
and also a drip-free pouring directly into your glass to prevent spillage. You may also use the Hopper Lid to keep the juicer dust-free and to prevent foreign substances from entering the chamber when not in use.


Solidly built with low noise and little vibration

Designed for home use, the low-rotating condenser motor creates little noise and vibration and guarantees high durability.



Designed with safety as first priority

Convenient removable chamber set
The chamber set is easily installed for ease of use and also removed from the base for quick clean up.

Safety first

Duplicate safety sensors allow the unit to operate only if the chamber is completely and accurately assembled on the base, allowing the juicer to be safely used every time. Use care and supervision when allowing children to operate the juicer.

Cooling system

With integrated heat vents and a slow rotating motor.

Easy cleaning

Use the advanced self-cleaning feature between juices to conveniently and easily clean the inside of the chamber. When complete, take the entire chamber set to the sink for a quick and thorough cleanup.

Easy Cleaning

Close the juice cap and run water through for a simple rinse cleaning. You are not required to separate and clean the parts between juices.


Clog-reducing spinning brush

The inner spinning brush rotates during juicing to clean the chamber and strainer simultaneously, reducing clogging and increasing juicing efficiency.


Disassembly and cleaning

Use the cleaning brush when disassembling and cleaning parts for hygienic storage.

Strainer cleaning

Use the cleaning brush or dish sponge to clean both the inside and outside of the strainer

Sterilizing parts

To sterilize parts, soak them in water diluted with one or two drops of natural disinfectants or baking soda for about a quarter of a day.

Chamber cleaning

Use the chamber cleaning brush to clean the juice and pulp outlet.

Packing cleaning

The chamber packing, juice cap packing, and silicon brush need to be separated for deep cleaning. (easy cleaning is possible without disassembling those parts)

The groundbreaking technology of this juicer is mainly the low speed of rotation which keeps the enzymes in the juice and does not destroy them as traditional juicers do. 

As a handy side effect the oxidation process of the nutrients will not be accelerated and the separation of the juice into liquid and solid parts will be avoided.

While traditional juicers spin the ingredients with 1500Watt and 2400 rotations per minute accompanied by a deafening noise, the slow speed juicer squeezes with 150Watt and 40 rotations per minute very gently which results in an evenly smooth juice full of vitamins and nutrients. 

This is not just almost soundless it also extracts the same amount of juice with less ingedients. It includes a convenient Juice cap which allows you to regulate the amount of juice comming out dropless and manually as well as gives you the possibility to mix up all ingerients evenly before you open the cap and let out the juice. Compared to traditional juicers the pulp coming out of a separate outlet is amazingly dry (all existing liquid is definitely going directly into your juice). But You are also able to pass the pulp info your juice directly if you like. The patented squeezing screw is the centerpiece of the the machine and completely free of metal material and any blades. It enables a gentle and low oxidation squeezing process. A spinnig brush which rotates around the stainless steel strainer ensures an even consistency of the juice continuously. With the Slow juicer you are even able to juice leafy green, soaked almonds, nuts and soya beans.