manual juicer


680 HKD


GREEN VITAMIN masticating manual WHEATGRASS juicer is compact in size, easy to operate, portable to carry and is more efficient at juicing. It has an polycarbonate auger with stainless steel end that crushes wheatgrass or green leafy vegetables while rotating the handle of the juicer.  It releases all the juices containing all the vitamins and minerals in the wheatgrass or fruits. The excess waste pulp is then neatly expelled out from the end of the cap to a separate bowl for easy disposal. 


Easy to assemble and disassemble

- Easy to clean with warm soapy water

- No Electricity required

- Simple, quiet and robust

- Stainless steel tip polycarbonate auger 

- Stainless steel lined drum cap for extra durability and strength

Clear drum core allows you see the juicing process in action 

Compact, portable and lightweight  (700 grams / 1.54 lb. )

Silicon base locks onto any smooth surface 

  with suction strength up to 50 kg (110 lb.)

No power cords

No batteries

No hassle!

Our Wheatgrass Juicer is super easy to use!

It takes less than a minute to assemble or to disassemble!


Unlike regular electric juicers out, GREEN VITAMIN slow speed manual juicer does not create any heat, that decreases the oxidation during the extraction process to retain all minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Any heat above 38°C begins to pasteurize juice and its nutritional value will be lost.

Green Vitamin Juicer is also excellent for juicing Oranges, Grapefruits, Kiwis, Watermelons etc.  

A glass of mixed fresh orange juice with Wheatgrass juice are great start of the day for the whole family !

Juicer is super easy to use!

Wash and assemble your juicer.

Feed the hopper and crank away!Soon healthy juice will come out !