our wheatgrass - how we are doing it

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Our organic farms in Hong Kong grows fantastic wheatgrass and other seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Our Certified Organic Wheatgrass is nurtured inside the green house under strict controlled environment.   Our formula for the perfect wheatgrass... finest seeds, potent soil, touch of sunlight, exact dosage of pure water and lots of care by our skilled farmers..


Unquestionably the most important factor in the process is quality of seeds. We directly import organic seeds from certified australian farm. Our seeds grow wheatgrass with thick, juicy and very even blades. 

This is our weapon, the incredible quality of seed that you can't find anywhere else.

These seeds are grown without use of agro-chemicals or artificial fertilizers, delivered to us fresh from this season crop. No aged, warehouse stored for years, only the best quality for maximum nutritional value. 



You can get our wheatgrass growing in a customized recyclable tray so you can cut fresh wheatgrass whenever you need!

Just rinse and juice!

Each tray of wheatgrass produces about 7-8 30ml shots of wheatgrass juice. 

You will have to keep it in well ventilated spot with indirect sunlight or in refrigerator.

Also remember to water it with mist spray! 


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For those who don't have green fingers, we also provide cut wheatgrass. When time is right, it is cut, boxed in airtight containers and delivered chilled on the same day to ensure quality and freshness.

Once cut, it will maintain its nutritional values if you keep it refrigerated. Wheatgrass juice is stored within the plants cell walls until the wheatgrass is juiced. However juice itself is very perishable and is recommended to drink it immediately after juicing.

Each 100g box of wheatgrass produces about 3-3.5 30ml shots of wheatgrass juice.