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Wheatgrass has countless number of benefits to us! Thank you Brian for sharing that. I think what you are doing now is very meaningful, you are actually helping people everyday. Yes it feels good to be in the health food industry, you know you are doing something good to people. Recently I’ve watched a documentary called food matters, it was recommended to me by my instructor, btw she is a big fan of your olive oil !! A doctor in the documentary said the job of the doctor is not to give you medicine to cure your illness, but to strengthen your body so that your immune system can fight the illness for you. Such an inspiring point of view. So Brian, in a way you are doing what a doctor is supposed to do !
— Alice, Mid Levels
Oh my goodness!! Well the beetroot looked amazing - like they should go in for an award at some show!! They were beautiful and then tasted so so good. I had a kale and beetroot juice this morning and am full of energy!! I can’t wait to try some in a salad tonight. Very yummy thank you!!
— Monica, Sai Kung
What a pleasure to have fresh veggies at my door today. making first batch of kale chips for snaking, very excited. Thanks so much.
— Sharon, Aberdeen
I am absolutely and completely in love with your wheat grass shots. I shared them with 5 friends and 3 of them, are already hooked.
I am so overjoyed that your product is delightfully invigorating so many new people!
— Deva, Mid Levels
The kale was great, green and fresh. We love it and we have been looking for kale for ages and finally we’ve found it at last!
— Maggie, Pok Fu Lam
The wheatgrass shots were deelish! So very sweet. I’ll definitely need to set up a weekly delivery to my home (and to the office for some upcoming training) will order through your website. Soo much gratitude for the first batch!
— Kris, North Point
My daughter loves the olive oil and keeps telling me so every time she has it. I love the bottle and the packaging so it is a hit with family.
— Christine, the Peak