Joyce’s Philosophy


Taking care of your self is your most important role.
What you choose to believe, think, do and say along with
What and how you choose to feed yourself impact your health in profound ways.

Each and every aspect of who we are is part of the whole that makes up our life experience.

I have long been focused on helping others take better care of themselves in every way they can. It is my inherent knowing; life is meant to be fully embraced and enjoyed. There is profound importance in living each day to the best of our ability. This means making time to nurture our ‘self’. How we eat is a very powerful expression of how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. Influenced over the years by many great teachers, I’ve learned there are many paths to promoting well-being. Living an harmonious lifestyle and consuming whole ‘real’ foods and feeding our muscles with movement are imperative.

Each of us needs to relearn how to listen to our body and honor the conversation it has with us in a language of symptoms such as: chronic fatigue, depleted energy levels, mood swings, high blood pressure/ blood sugar/ cholesterol, digestive disorders, cravings, headaches, excess weight, arthritis, etc. Responding accordingly, we can overcome chronic illness, accelerated aging, weight challenges, hormonal imbalances and more. I can help you do this by showing you how to tune in to what and how you feel, identify potential health inhibitors and deal with the causes rather than simply silencing or abating the symptoms. Treatment alone is not the path to healing; a lifestyle shift is necessary with proper guidance and support.

Living a balanced life and nourishing yourself with nutrient-rich foods from a rainbow of colors and a full spectrum of tastes is imperative to your health. This involves taking time to shop for, prepare, share and enjoy ‘real food’, consciously consuming your meals. Meals made from living foods with loving hands not factories. Each of us has our own nutritional needs and no one dietary approach out there will ever fit all.

The key to great health generates from learning how to listen to your body, understanding its unique language and serving your own specific needs at different times and stages in your life. I don’t have a generic one-size fits all approach. My programs are individualized to you and all information shared is designed to deal with your particular objectives. Knowledge can be empowering when it comes from sources genuinely intent on the good of the whole. I share with you my on-going years of study, research, practice and results and enable you to make healthy choices that nourish your body, mind, heart and soul. It begins with one healthier choice at a time, with your own intention and honoring your precious self, your loved ones, your communities and Our planet.

I am looking to educate, motivate and activate a proactive ‘I am taking action now’ response in you.

Own your life experience, Own your health and happiness.


Whole Health and Lifestyle Wellness Educator
Certified Nutritional Consultant /Practitioner
Published Author
Raw & Living Foods Foods Nutrition Chef and Coach
Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor