10 Addictive Coconut Butter Recipes from Green Vitamin

Coconut butter or often also known as coconut meat puree, coconut cream concentrate or whole coconut flesh puree are way healthy and delicious.  

Coconut butter is not coconut oil and many often, many customers asked us what they can use coconut butter for.  I do hope this article will be able to spread the benefits and usages of coconut butter.  This piece of information may help to change someone life with them  incorporate coconut butter into their daily eating lifestyle. 

Is coconut butter healthy? Oh…yes definitely…..Coconut is truly a Superfood…..It has a low glycemic index (Due to its high fiber content) and has around 3 g of protein per cup and a good healthy portion of fat.  It contains lauric acid which is anti antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties.  It also helps to boost our immune system.  Please see the nutritional value of the coconut butter on the side:







How do we make our Coconut Butter?

We dehydrated the flesh of the coconut meat in the our dehydrator at 46 degrees for 15 hours to maintain all the nutrients and enzymes from the coconuts.  We then placed in a food processor and pureed until its like almond or peanut butter.

Coconut butter becomes solid and crumbly when it’s store below 22 degrees.  At room temperature, coconut butter is typically solid (there may be a layer of coconut oil on top as the flesh and oil can separate.  If the coconut butter gets harden, depending on what temperature you have been storing it at, place the jar in a pot of hot water for couple of minutes to soften the butter till it forms a nice gooey paste.


Here are 10 Amazing Ways to Eat Coconut Butter:


1. Straight from the jar. That is how i always tell everyone…regardless whether is our plain coconut butter or our newly cacao coconut butter, just grab a spoon and eat it straight from the jar.  Its like “nutella” without the nuts….  Its so easy, simple and delicious and once you start your first spoonful, you will never able to stop……...

2. Use them as a nut-free butter when baking/dehydrate them. You can use this in replacement for regular butter and our coconut butter will be perfect to make gluten free, vegan and dairy free bread.  Our ever popular raw coconut cocoroons are made with our own coconut butter….yes finally our secret for making delicious snacks is out of the bag……..


3. Spread it on bread. I’m not talking about wheat or other grain-based breads but Banana Bread or Paleo Bread that are made from grain-free ingredients that are perfect with coconut butter to spread all over them. Below is the picture of our raw cacao butter spread over gluten free vegan bread.


4.    Spread it on Dark Chocolate. This is my personal favorite of mine as both the chocolate and the coconut butter will melt into your mouth and taste like nutella!  It will be even better if you uses our cacao butter spread over dark Chocolate to have double bang of superfood goodness.

5.    Put our Coconut butter into curries.  Coconut butter brings out the flavours of your favourite curry dishes and waiting to serve be served on the dinner table. 

6.    Stuff your Dates with our coconut butter. Makes a great dessert!




7.    Drizzle the coconut butter on top of cold foods.   Coconut butter form a waxy looking glaze when it solidify with cold foods - great presentation and taste even better. 

8.    Toss with Fresh Organic Fruits.   Melt 1 fps of melted coconut butter and tossed them with your organic fresh blueberries and strawberries and topped up with our raw coconut yogurt for a wholesome breakfast.

9.    Add them into your smoothie or shake.   A few tablespoon when blending your daily smoothie or milk shake to make them more creamier.

10.    Make Dairy-free ice cream!     blend some of our coconut butter with some fresh organic fruits or raw organic cacao nibs , throw in a cup of organic coconut milk  and then freeze them.  Your own dairy free coconut ice cream.


Where can you buy our Raw Coconut Butter (Original or Ecuadorian Cacao)? 

Retail stores like Spice Box, Organic 21 do carry our coconut butter or you can also get them on our website at www.greenvitamin.com