Boost your immunity, blast the fat, be your blissful self this season

As we move deeper into the winter post-holiday festivities and food fest, and spring just around the corner, how can you prepare your body and mind to weather the dips and blips in temperature, avoid catching colds & flu and artificial indoor heating system that wreaks havoc to the skin and get rid of excess post-holiday weight gain?  Here’s a success-proof plan to winterize your wellness so when spring comes you are ready to blossom looking and feeling your absolute best.

Our immune system can get compromised during the winter season due to stress especially post-holiday, not getting to spend much time outdoors to catch some rays (the best source of Vitamin D-an immune booster), exposure to more bad bacteria and virus as we spend more time indoors with artificially indoor controlled temperature.  The winter blues and blahs sets in and we simply don’t feel like doing and moving much other than being glued to our couches or exercising your fingers surfing the internet.

The following tips are great for kickstarting your New Year’s Resolution, getting more “mojo” and get into your own personalised groovilicious game-plan.

No guts no glory – Health starts from the gut. Winter seems to be the pill-popping antibiotic season for many which can kill off the precious friendly bacteria that protects us against pathogens and help re-balance our immune system.  If you have been on a series of antibiotics, take lots of fermented and probiotic rich foods to refloralize your gut system which will then fortify your immune system as well as increase your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and avoid hungers pangs and over-eating.  It’s also been said that our belly is our second brain, if your digestive system is balanced, the brain up above functions optimally, no brain fog, lethargy and increases energy and a big bonus-deeper and sweeter slumber.  Do you know that when your belly digests and assimilates nutrients you have less or no gas, bloating, feeling lighter, regularity, and yes indeed a flatter stomach without the dreaded sit-ups that’s been proven to not be effective anyway!  

Start your day with one of Green Vitamin’s fermented drinks (kefir or kombucha), and have the breakfast of the champions; probiotic-rich coconut yogurt (now comes in three rawsome flavors and so realicious) by itself or with our sumptuous rawnola and say goodbye to morning meltdowns.  

Snack your way to Slimness - Stress, worry and anxiety can deplete our system that drives us to eat foods that are not always life-enhancing.  Commercially produced snack foods are most people’s downfall because they are packed with empty calories that don’t sustain our body or provide the necessary energy/nutrients that our system truly needs.  For starters, this is the part of daily eating or grazing that people tend to mindlessly do.  If you feel you need some p.m. pick-me up, snack smartly and with integrity.  Raw and whole foods snacks are your best choice.  Whole and unrefined foods will help rebalance your blood sugar levels and prevent energy dips that causes fatigue, poor concentration and focus.  Green Vitamins uses only unrefined, non-spiking insulin sweeteners, and pure undenatured mineral-rich sea salt with all its nutrients intact and they taste divine.  One bite is all you need because it will not stimulate your system the way processed, refined and sugary snacks can. Try the new addition to the cocoroon flavours and the line up of kale chips.  For a more amplified snack which can be a mini-meal; try slices of the flax crackers and delish dollops of the kale pesto-simply bliss with every bite.  When you consume wholesome and real foods, less is truly more and your body will be loving it.  

Eat Fat Burn Fat – Do you know that calories are not for counting it’s for energy!  Calories are simply a gauge to determine if you are getting sufficient energy for your particular body-type, constitution and lifestyle to support you and the activities that you wish to engage in.  Calories from junk processed food will not have the necessary nutrient components to provide you with life-giving force so you can sparkle with vibrance and zest.  Instead you end up hangrier (that’s right hungry and angry not a great combination).  The whole energy balance theory is slowly going out the window along with fat phobia phenomenon from the last century.  Adopt the food philosophy of the 21st century- fat is your best friend if you want to look and feel fabulous.  But we have to choose our friends wisely…MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are fats that our body needs to feel fulfilled, keep our brains balanced and boost hormonal functioning.  Some of the foods rich in MCTs come from coconut products such as coconut oil, coconut butter, palm kernel oil (not the processed kind and destroying forests and wildlife), macadamia nuts just to name a few.  There are oils sold that are pure MCT but preference should be from oils coming from whole foods instead of reconstituted.  Below are some fascinating information about MCTs which is truly the magnum of fats that we can all use and incorporate daily.   Below is a short explanation of what MCT can do for your beautiful brain and a blissful body…

The vast majority of the fats and oils you eat, whether from an animal or a plant, are long-chain triglycerides. What is special about MCTs (derived from coconut and palm kernel oil) is that they are easier to digest, absorb rapidly into the bloodstream, and are used primarily to provide energy rather than adding to your waistline. In fact, studies show that consuming MCTs can help you lose weight. That happens because they increase fat burning and exercise tolerance. Because of this energy factor, MCTs are used by lots of people. Physicians use purified MCTs to help nourish premature infants. If you were recovering from a serious injury or infection, you most likely would be given MCTs in the Intensive Care Unit. Athletes use MCTs to increase stamina, and this remarkable Metabolic Modifier is turning out to be a key feature in overhauling your metabolism.  MCT can be magique!  

Green Vitamin has just recently created a locally made and produced coconut butter.  The yummiest, creamiest rawsome goodness in a jar.  You can also have daily servings of the probiotic-rich coconut yogurts to help you slim down before spring season.

Last but not the least - There are three main healthy lifestyle components that need to be addressed in order to properly ‘winterize’ yourself- practice good hygiene, get plenty of rest and regular exercise, and maintain a nutritious diet.  Having a healthy body and immune system will help you, and your family avoid illnesses and successfully stay healthy and vibrant over the coming months.

Stay tune for our next instalment of information-packed article for the upcoming spring season.  Green Vitamin sends you all good vibrations!