WATER KEFIR SODA RE-hydrates our bodies
also aids to our digestion and cleans the intestinal tract.

It is a wonderful "soda" alternative to share with your family.

Our Water Kefir Soda is a lightly sweet  fizzy beverage with natural flavours - fruits, herbs and spices.

What is Water Kefir Soda

Water Kefir Soda is a probiotic beverage made from water, juice, organic CANE sugar and FERMENTED WITH water kefir grains.

Kefir grains are a combination of yeasts and bacteria that uses sugar to make this NATURAL fermented drink which acts as a natural probiotic in our gut.

We are using only organic FRESH berries and ORGANIC pineapples to flavour OUR healthy drinks, and we do not use any artificial colouring or flavourings IN ALL OUR PRODUCTS.

These drinks are fermented with Water Kefir Grains that are a combination of bacteria and yeast. The water kefir grain uses the sugar content of the fruits & ORGANIC CANE SUGAR for the fermentation process. Water Kefir Soda is a NATURALLY fermented fizzy probiotic beverage that acts as a natural aid in our gut.

Serving suggestion

Enjoy in small portions to start with and slowly increase the amount.