The health boost: 3 Hong Kong juice kits to try this winter


Hong Kong-based online store Green Vitamin is a one-stop shop for a solid and liquid overhaul — you know they mean business when they actually specialise in different types of kale and wheatgrass, and have a team of raw food chefs to prepare an extensive range of healthy snacks, with produce grown at their own organic farm.

Liquid-wise, Green Vitamin have a series of flavoured water kefirs — this is a natural, fermented, probiotic beverage containing a whack of valuable enzymes and acids that hydrate and aid with digestion. The 350 millilitre recycled bottles come in packs of six (from HK$448), with flavours you don’t have to pretend to like — who’s going to say no to straight up strawberry, pineapple, or lemongrass and ginger? They also sell packs of wheatgrass, beetroot and kale shots in shot-size servings (from HK$400 for 14), which you can add to any home-made juices or healthy recipes.