The humble mooncake, a Chinese pastry eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival, has been reinvented. And thank the Lunar Gods for that! A typical mooncake will set you back 1,000 unhealthy calories — half a day’s worth. But not MAYYA Movement’s handpicked alternatives. Gone is the flour, the salted duck eggs, the generous lashing of lard and vegetable oil, replaced with healthy raw, organic and vegan alternatives.

Read on to learn more about our suggestions for five alternatives for healthy Hong Kong mooncakes this year.

1. Green Vitamin’s Raw Organic Coconut Mooncakes

Check out these healthy Hong Kong mooncake beauties from local online food store Green Vitamin, known for their organic produce and healthy creations.  

Six delectable flavors are on offer: white almond, dark velvet cacao, green tea with moringa, strawberry, cinnamon and original. Get ordering! HKD 388 for a box of six. Read more >>>